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8:45 - Opening Remarks

Marc Crudgington

VP of IT Infrastructure and Cybersecurity

Crane Worldwide Logistics

Kyle Lai.jpeg
Kyle Lai

President and CISO

KLC Consulting 

9:00 - Opening Keynote

Deron McElroy Headshot for EXECSECCON[3].jpg
Deron McElroy

Chief of Cybersecurity 

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

10:00 - CISO Panel

Jeric Beason Headshot.jpeg
Jerich Beason

Chief Information Security Officer


Mary Dickerson


UTHealth Houston

Nikki Jackson.jpg
Nikki Jackson


Woodforest National Bank

Ali Qutob Headshot.jpg
Ali Qutob

Global CISO

Hunter Douglas, Inc.

11:00 - The Six Steps to Build a Worldclass Cybersecurity Operation

Leading, planning, and building a cyber operations function is never easy. In this session, Michael Gregg will walk you through the 6 steps for success from a CISO's perspective. You will learn what SOC metrics he has used to obtain unity of effort, and he will share some actionable tips that he has learned along the way and share KPIs and KGIs you can use to measure progress. He will also demonstrate how to leverage the KPIs/KGIs to reduce risks and increase the cybersecurity budget.

Michael Gregg Head Shot (2) (1).jpg
Michael Gregg


The State of North Dakota

1:30 - Legal Panel

Lisa Angelo Headshot.jpeg
Lisa Angelo

Cyber Liability & Data Privacy Attorney

Gabrielle Bryant.jpg
Gabrielle Bryant

Cyber Practice Leader

Cadence Insurance

Paul Dial



2:30 - Bridging the Gap: Collaborative Frontiers in Cybersecurity Technology and Venture Capital

In an increasingly interconnected digital landscape, the role of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) is more crucial than ever. Our panel, "Bridging the Gap: Collaborative Frontiers in Cybersecurity Technology and Investment," provides a unique platform where the worlds of cybersecurity, venture capital, and private equity converge.


This dynamic discussion will delve into the latest advancements in cybersecurity technologies that CISOs need to stay informed of. We will explore cutting-edge innovations, emerging threats, and the evolving digital security landscape. Our panel of esteemed venture capitalists and private equity managers will offer invaluable insights into the trends and technologies attracting investment and how these developments can reshape the security posture of organizations.


A key focus of our session will be on fostering synergy between CISOs and investment firms. We'll discuss practical strategies for CISOs to engage with venture capital and private equity entities, learn from their investment patterns, and leverage these insights for enhanced security strategies within their organizations. Additionally, we will explore opportunities for CISOs to serve on advisory boards, contributing their expertise to shape the future of cybersecurity investments.


By attending this VC panel, CISOs will gain a deeper understanding of the current investment landscape in cybersecurity technologies, learn how to align their security strategies with emerging trends and discover new avenues for collaboration and influence in the technology investment sphere. Join us for an enlightening discussion that promises to bridge the gap between cybersecurity leadership and the world of technology investment.

Richard Byrd.jpg
Richard Byrd



Roger Hale Headshot.jpeg
Roger Hale

Chief Security Officer

Agora, Inc.

Stuart McClure

Chief Executive Officer - Qwiet

Founder - Cylance

4:00 - Closing Keynote

Jesse Jordan.jpg
Jesse Jordan

Senior Manager

Google Cloud

Bhojraj Parmar.jpg
Bhojraj Parmar

Security Consulting Manager

Google Cloud

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